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Our AT9029 series of downlights are the perfect upgrade to any home adding comfort and clarity.

COB LED-(70x76px)-97


A high-Quality COB LED lamp and reflector gives excellent control and softness to your lighting.


Excellent Unified glare rating (UGR). The lighting becomes hidden by recessing the light source, reducing eye strain and glare common with diffused downlights.


See your home in full colour with high CRI lighting. A high CRI (>90) makes your house more lifelike and reduces drabby colours typically produced by lower CRI lighting.



Ideal for warm and relaxed environments

Warm white downlights have a softer light and a slightly amber tone, making them perfect for living areas such as dining and lounge rooms. Use them in the bedroom for a good rest, as blue light from higher kelvin lighting can suppress melatonin that your body produces naturally at night to help you sleep.

Better for concentration and task-based operations

With it’s clear and clean glow, cool white fittings are perfect for concentration or seeing detail. That’s why they are better suited to those areas in the house where more light is needed such as kitchens, home offices, laundries or bathrooms.

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