Small Change for a big statement

Upgrade to the Maximus. For only a few dollars more per fitting, these low glare, tri-colour downlights will make a statement in any home.

A little goes a long way

The humble downlight. Often seen as a commodity, these compact luminaires are underestimated in their ability to create zones, navigate around a space, and highlight a room’s key features.

Spending a few dollars more per fitting can make all the difference.

The Maximus range of downlights is stylish, feature ridden and ergonomic.

Superior beam control

Its excellent beam control helps diffuse the light for a cosy atmosphere

Recessed light source for a quality finish

The recessed light source makes for a high-quality finish

Low glare illumination

Low glare illumination (as low as UGR <19) for increased comfort and reduced eye strain

Flexible tri-colour temperature settings

Selectable colour temperature to suit the installation and room
  • Low glare illumination (As low as UGR <19) for increased comfort and reduced eye strain
  • Recessed light source for a quality finish
  • Versatile for any environment with tri-colour temperature settings
  • Supplied with an integrated dimmable LED driver
  • Compliant with IC-4 rating

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IC-4 rated

Thanks to its IC-4 rating the Maximus can come in contact, and be covered by, building insulation. This makes it perfect for low ceiling installation


Colour illumination options

Easily switch between daylight, warm or cool lighting colour temperatures to suit the location and application. Adjustable at the time of installation.


Reduce Eye Strain

Harsh lighting is the primary cause of eye strain. A result of glare reflecting off shiny surfaces around the home, it is easily managed by diffusers built into the light source. Maximus downlights come with a low glare classification (as low as UGR <19) making them perfect for reading, relaxing and working.


High-end finish

Achieve high–end impact for only a few dollars more. Maximus combines a sleek recessed design with low-glare illumination and beam control features.

The Maximus range

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