Buy with confidence, knowing you are covered by Atom’s comprehensive warranty. At Atom, we take reliability seriously – this means inspecting warranty items and collecting invaluable data on the root cause of the problem to inform product design and reduce future claims. We are committed to learning and improving as we continue to deliver affordable quality products.

Atom VIP Warranty

For electricians, get up to 5 years extended parts and exclusive onsite coverage of up to 2 years (5 years total) on selected products as an Atom VIP.

Atom Air In-Home Warranty

For homeowners, Atom Air ceiling fans are covered for 4 years and bathroom heaters are covered for 3 years, with onsite coverage for an electrician so you aren’t out of pocket in the event of a product fault.


Subject to the conditions set out in the warranty statement, Atom products are warranted by Evolt as described in the table.


Product Type Warranty Period
Atom Air domestic use warranty 3 years
Atom Air In-Home warranty 1 Up to 4 years in home

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Accessories, software, or consumables (includes globes and heat lamps) 1 year
General lighting products and components 3 years*
Atom VIP Warranty Up to 5 years extended parts and 2 years onsite warranty

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*For most general lighting products, please refer to individual products for specific warranty purposes.

For electricians, retailers and wholesalers, visit the Evolt website for warranty information.

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