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In the event of a claim, fill out the details on our claim form and we’ll be in contact within two working days of your email.


Are there any exclusions?

Yes. Our VIP warranty covers only specific Atom products, with geographic exclusions for on-site claims. For details of geographic locations covered for an on-site claim, refer to our  T&Cs here. For product coverage, refer to the Warranty Details Section located at the bottom of each product’s specification page. View Atom’s Everyday Warranty here.

What if I’m out of the geographic range?

If you are out of the geographic range for our contractors to complete the warranty work, you have the option to carry it out yourself. Please see the details of our warranty labour allowance here.

Note: You MUST receive an approval to your claim prior to any warranty work being performed.

If your warranty claim is approved, who completes the work?

If you are within the geographical zones covered in our T&Cs, you have the option to complete the warranty work yourself or have one of our certified contractors do it for you. You must specify on the claim form below which option you wish to take.

What labour allowance will I receive if I complete the work myself?

Please carefully read the payable labour rates applicable before you choose this option.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

How long do I have to claim for and repair the faulty products?

Time to claim is specific for each product. See the individual warranty section at the bottom right of each product page for these details.

If specified, you have up to 2 years from the date of purchase on applicable products to make a claim. If your claim is approved and you have chosen to handle the repairs yourself, you have 60 days in which to complete this work. On completion, please send an invoice from your registered email address for labour only to

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Register as an Atom VIP member

Register as an Atom VIP Member – answer a few easy questions and submit the registration.
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Keep your receipts

Hang on to your proof of purchase documentation. You’ll need to submit this if you make a claim.
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Make a claim

In the event of a claim, fill out the details on our claim form, attaching your proof of purchase, and we’ll be back in contact with you within two working days.

Warranty claim form

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