Atom Lighting IC or IC-4 Clearance Distances

Our commitment to excellence has led us to implement testing protocols that exceed the industry’s baseline standards. Recognising the challenges posed by the Australian climate, we have set our testing benchmark at a minimum ambient temperature of 40°C, going beyond the industry minimum of 25°C. This ensures that our products are not only safe but also perform optimally in Australia’s uniquely demanding conditions.

For downlight specification and testing to IC or IC-4 in relation to insulation contact, thermal insulation is pushed around the downlight to form a close fit fully enclosing the downlight is considered to be worst case and defines that clearance distances to insulation can be 0mm. It also defines that clearance distances to building elements can also be 0mm, however clearance distances to building elements are essentially the manufacturers choice.

Any deviation from stating the allowed best-case scenario, such as stating 25mm to building elements is always a proactive measure for enhanced safety and performance, reflecting our dedication to going above and beyond for our customers.

Our approach to specifying clearance and conducting tests at higher ambient temperatures is not just about adhering to standards; it’s about exceeding them, by using quality components to ensure safety and performance.
This contrasts with the practices of some competitors who may only meet the lower industry ambient temperature standard of ta:25°C. While some competitors offer similar clearance specifications, it’s important to understand that their testing conditions do not provide the same level of assurance, product quality or longevity for the demanding Australian climate.

Transparency and Improvement

Our focus always remains on the bigger picture—maintaining the highest standards across all Atom Lighting products. We understand that such commitment to quality and standards may sometimes affect or limit application and suitability for all installations and where possible, we will reconsider certain additional quality measures we have implemented to assist our customers.

Looking Forward 

Our decision to test at higher ambient temperatures, engage with customer feedback, and change our specifications is not limited to just this product range. We are actively working to ensure all our products are the safest, most reliable, and highest performing in the lighting market.  
Atom Lighting is more than just a brand; it’s a promise of quality, safety, and reliability, no matter the climate or conditions. 

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